End of Tenancy Carpet Cleans

Carpet cleaning is a common cause of tenancy deposit disputes between a landlord and a tenant with issues concerning both general cleaning and carpet cleaning accounting for around 22% of all deposit dispute cases. In such cases a landlord and tenant may often disagree on the amount of deposit to be returned due the subjective nature of cleanliness; what one person considers clean may not necessarily be considered clean by the next person.

With significant deposits often at stake it can be false economy to hope that DIY cleans will suffice. For that reason it  is now becoming more common for Tenancy agreements to stipulate that carpets must be “professionally cleaned” and a receipt provided to prove this has been done.

If properties are completely clear of furniture we can offer special pricing reflecting the time savings that result from not having to move any furniture around.

As timings are often critical please contact us to discuss your potential requirements several weeks before your moving out date so that we can provisionally allocate diary space to suit your timetable. Be sure to check whether your contract also requires you to have a pet flea treatment applied, irrespective of whether your pets actually have fleas!

An official receipt on our Letterhead will be provided on completion of our work to facilitate your claim for deposit money recovery.

We have 25 years of experience

Even if you don’t choose us, please make sure that the company you engage has lots of experience and proper insurance to cover items being worked on (not just the usual much cheaper insurance for their tools and Public Liability which won't help them or you in the event of a claim for damage to your carpet or upholstery). And don't be afraid of asking them to prove membership of the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) which only admits operators who have proved their competence and industry specific knowledge, with annual proof of the special 'Goods being worked on' insurance cover.