Professional Carpet Cleaning using Professional Equipment

As East Devon’s premier carpet cleaning specialist we use what is considered to be the best equipment on the market today, bar none, designed specifically for the purpose of getting the maximum dirt out of your carpet.

Forget the days when a carpet cleaner came to your house with a glorified wet and dry vacuum throwing the dirty water down the toilet and leaving your carpets so wet they could take days to dry out and smell awful because of that delay.

When you pay for Professional carpet cleaning you should expect the work to be undertaken with commercial quality heavy duty Professional equipment that you cannot hire yourself.

We still find it unbelievable that many so called Professional carpet cleaners arrive on site with the type of underpowered portable electric machine on wheels that you could hire from your local B & Q store, or even buy for less than £1,500… to us it seems like they are insulting the intelligence of their clients.

Unless access is prohibitive there is very rarely any situation where a powerful Truckmounted machine will not produce much better and longer lasting results on most carpets.

The carpet cleaning machines we use are the best £20,000 state of the art truck mounted monsters, powered by a 4 cylinder petrol or LPG engine more powerful than a good size motor bike with enough vacuum power I’m told to suck the flesh off your bones (only joking….. I’m not even going to try it !).

At the time of writing we believe we operate the most advanced machine in this area.  It is so powerful that where required it will allow 2 sets of  300 ft (90metres) long hoses and tools to connect at the same time and this dual technician feature can significantly speed up completion of larger commercial jobs where downtime can be critical.

This type of machine not only give us tremendous power and superheated water when heavily soiled surfaces need a full restoration clean, but it also gives us control to adjust the pressure, the suction, and the water temperature when cleaning more delicate fabrics or flooring with specific requirements.

How we do it

Preparation is an important part of our process and is something which often sets us apart from less professional operators who want to do the job as quickly as possible, rather than as best as possible.  All surfaces benefit from a pre spray  with appropriate soil emulsifying agents and this needs some dwell time to be most effective.

At this point specific stain removal solutions can also be applied where  the origin of a stain is known or obvious. Usually during this stage the surface will be appropriately lightly agitated with either a purpose built carpet brushing machine or manually with some type of professional brush to actively dissolve the soiling before the next stage.

Then we connect the correct tool to the hoses and adjust the truck mounted machine to deliver just the right amount of pressure, vacuum, and temperature as we rinse the carpet or fabric with PH balanced clean water to flush out as much of the contamination, dirt, and staining that we can.  All the extracted waste water is  stored in a purpose built tank behind the machine in the van for disposal later, which completely avoids the risk of spilling dirty water from buckets being carried within the property.

Carpet Cleaning

We at Better Carpet Care use the most thorough carpet cleaning method there is. Some cleaning methods use chemicals that leave a residue on your carpet and cause rapid re-soiling.

Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning

Firstly, we will evaluate your furniture’s upholstery and any specific cleaning requirements. It is very important to bear in mind that every type of fabric must be treated differently.

Floor Tile & Grout Cleaning

The new approach to this old problem is the use of the right tools. We work with very powerful machinery which stays in the van due to it’s size and weight, a purpose built tile and grout enclosed tool.

Other equipment we use

Of course there are some carpets and situations which require different methods, for instance hotel reception halls and busy office areas manned 24/7 where a dry cleaning method may be needed to avoid inconvenience. Rest assured we have all the equipment you’d expect of a professional carpet cleaner. Including equipment for steam cleaning sofa’s, rugs, and upholstery including leather and fine fabrics. And specialist equipment for cleaning ceramic floor tiles and restoring wooden floors.