Professional Stain Treatment

Sometimes it is impossible to achieve satisfactory DIY stain removal with the limited public access to specialist solvents coupled with a lack of suitable equipment to thoroughly rinse the spotter and staining material out of the carpet or fabric. Success for even a trained and experienced stain removal technician will always be impossible to guarantee as there are so many factors at play. Some of the variables could include

  • Age of stain
  • History of what has already been applied to stain (its rare that we can rely on what is said !)
  • Condition of article
  • Type of fibre used in the fabric or carpet (most articles contain a blend of several fibre types)
  • Many stubborn stains are actually dyes that have permanently recoloured the area.

Challenging ‘Stains’ that we can often remove, or at least significantly reduce, on many modern carpets typically include tea, coffee, red and white wine, and other common drinks (except blackcurrant, herbal teas, and energy drinks in many cases) Small furniture leg related rust stains are often removeable. In general, stain removal success diminishes the higher the natural fibre content of a carpet unless it had been factory treated with a stain repellant finish.

Yellow staining is most often permanent (typically resulting from ‘pet accidents’). Also remember that any bodiliy fluid will almost certainly contain traces of waterproof food dye, and often medication too, so some discolouration is often permanent.

If in doubt about whether it’s worth calling us to attempt removal of a challenging stain then please just be honest about answers to our questions and we will offer to help if we think complete or partial success is probable.

We have 25 years of experience

Even if you don’t choose us, please make sure that the company you engage has lots of experience and proper insurance to cover items being worked on (not just the usual much cheaper insurance for their tools and Public Liability which won't help them or you in the event of a claim for damage to your carpet or upholstery). And don't be afraid of asking them to prove membership of the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) which only admits operators who have proved their competence and industry specific knowledge, with annual proof of the special 'Goods being worked on' insurance cover.