Miracle Spotter Bio Degradable Solution

Our proprietary Miracle Spotter solution is supplied for DIY use in a 500ml trigger spray bottle with our company name and instructions on the label. It is effective against a very wide range of soils/stains, especially if fresh, and with persistence can often produce truly astounding results even on some dried in stains on water tolerant fabric and carpets.

Please note that there is nothing in existence that can remove literally all stains, so this Miracle Spotter should be regarded mainly as an excellent product to keep under the sink ready in seconds for those little emergencies before they become a long term problem.

Unlike many other generic carpet and fabric spotters this one will not harm the removal chances of technically challenging stains should you need to subsequently call in the services of an experienced stain removal expert.

  • Based on Microsplitting technology.
  • No dwell time required – just apply and agitate
  • No detergents – so no sticky residue – non-foaming.
  • Completely non-toxic – Safe for you and your family.
  • Non irritating – even if not rinsed is safe for babies and pets.
  • Odourless – absolutely no fumes – safe to use around asthmatics.
  • No bleaching agents – no light patches left after treatment.

Regular price delivered to your door (when in your area) @£10.99 per 500ml bottle. Discounts for quantity or if supplied at same time as carpet cleaning in your home.

We have 25 years of experience

Even if you don’t choose us, please make sure that the company you engage has lots of experience and proper insurance to cover items being worked on (not just the usual much cheaper insurance for their tools and Public Liability which won't help them or you in the event of a claim for damage to your carpet or upholstery). And don't be afraid of asking them to prove membership of the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) which only admits operators who have proved their competence and industry specific knowledge, with annual proof of the special 'Goods being worked on' insurance cover.